Pricing & Services

Free Test-Master

You send me your mix as a single file or as 4 stems.

Soon you will receive back a snippet of the master. If you want to get the complete file, you can use the discount for new clients.

0$ - 0€

Discount for new clients

You got the free test-sample as a snippet and want to get the complete file? On this first project, you get the discount for new clients.

50% discount on the regular price


A Mix as a single file gets mastered.

Send me your mix for feedback, if you are unsure if you should pick the Mastering or the Stem-Mastering.

50$ - 40€


You send me three or four stems:

Drums, Bass, Instruments, Vocals. This allows more precise processing of the material and it gets easier to correct some mistakes in the mix.

70$ - 60€


Prices for Mixing depend on the genre, count of tracks, and complexity of the song.

Contact me to get a quote:

Send me a Rough Mix of your song to get a quote.