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Tell me about your music, so I can serve you the best way possible. Contact me and we will talk about your project.

In general there are two possiblities:

  • Mastering of one stereo file,


  • A stem-mastering with up to 4 stems

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I will master one of your songs, to show you what I can do for your music. You get a Snippet of your song completly mastered for free. When you decide you like what you hear, you can purchase the full mastered file.



You are satisfied with the result of the first mastering and want more? I will create an custom proposal suiting your needs.


The man who turns the knobs:

“Already in my youth I was close to the music, and produced in “Cubase SE”. At that time I was playing the piano passionately. As young adult, I finally joined a theater group doing improvisation theater and I played along the piano according to their improvisations. Being close to music still helps me a lot in my work as a mastering engineer. I no longer produce music, instead I choose to use my time and energy to contribute to great art by doing the best mastering of a song I can, every time.”

Florian Boden

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Producing Soundtracks & Scores is one of my musical passions.

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Pricing & Services

Every song is different. Together we will determine, what kind of service you need, to get the best result. Then I will send a custom proposal.


Mastering: 55$

Stem-Mastering: 55$ + 5$ per Stem (2 Stems: 65$)

Mixing: Request a quote

Additional Services:

DDP-Image: 15$

File-Tagging: 5$

A Mastering or Stem-Mastering includes the following:

Yout All-Inclusive-Package

  • Masterfile of your song with the best quality and a high loudness
  • Web version of the master for streaming services
  • Instrumental of a Stem-Mastering
  • All Revisions included, if needed