Your own Music - Your own Sound

Your own music is often something very personal. In collaboration with others, as a band, or alone you have invested hours or weeks. When the production phase is completed, it is all about getting the best possible result in the Mix. Only if the final sound is convincing, the average listener will also pay attention.

Often the mixing of own songs turns out to be difficult after having heard them in the production phase for days. In addition, own competence and technical equipment also play a decisive role in the result. You can quickly lose sight of the essential. So what is the point on Mastering?

In mastering, I get this material and can take an unprejudiced and fresh look at it.

It is an essential aspect of mastering to bring the mix to a competitive level of loudness. However, the more important are the small corrections that will make the difference in the end result. Every song and every mix has its own characteristics. Due to genre and instrumentation, but of course also due to the work of the Mixing Engineer. This requires an individual processing of the material in the mastering. The funds remain the same, but only adjusting them to each song will result in a successful outcome.

The goal is, among other things on every playback system, whether car radio, hi-fi system or headphones to convey the best possible listening experience. Thus, mastering can make a huge difference in the listening experience, even if it preserves the original character of the song and its mix.

To convey this experience to you, I offer a free test master for every new customer.

Send me one of your songs and you'll get back a snippet of your song mastered back, so you can check your expectations without risk.

In the Master, I give your productions the final touches and bring your sound to a professional level.

If you have another concern in the field of sound production, I am glad to be of help if possible.